Wedding Cake Designs: 2019 Best Cake Ideas from Baker's Dozen

Wedding day is one of the most awaited events for every couple. Preparations are indeed hectic and need lots of details to organize. Of course, the couple should consider all the expenses -- from food reservations, venue, gowns and suit, flower arrangements, invitations, and more. Above all, one of the centers of attraction for every tie the knot event is wedding cakes.

Wedding cakes are commonly prepared after the holy matrimony. These cakes symbolize good fortune and fertility. It is said that slicing and eating this lucky cake gives abundance, happiness, and long-live marriage. This makes every wedding cake special and ideal that’s why you have to choose the best cake that will fit the wedding event.

If you think that wedding cakes are all simple white, iced, and made up of cake layers, then, you have to think again. However, with lots of wedding cake designs that you can try to bake on, it will take time for you to decide. Good thing, Baker’s Dozen brings you the 5 trendy wedding cake designs ideal for couples who will make their vows this 2019.

Best Wedding Cake Design for 2019

1. White Wedding Cakes

White Wedding Cakes

Everyone loves classy and elegant. That’s why White Wedding Cakes are always one of the top choices of every couple. The beauty of having it is to revive the traditional one and equipped the modern way of designing it with the simplest additions to make it a bit more personal.


2. Evergreen Ferns Cakes

Evergreen Ferns Cakes

If the wedding aims for simple, greenery, and earthy look, this Evergreen Fern cake designs is hype. Ferns are the perfect choice for rustic or woodland-themed weddings. It is commonly paired with subtly textured white fondant or buttercream. Thus, these sleek and elegant ferns are a versatile greenery element that can work in any types of wedding events.


3. Hand painted Wedding Cakes

Hand painted Wedding Cakes

Are you thinking of making customize wedding cakes and extra sweeter at the same time? Well, you can achieve it by making hand-painted wedding cakes. This cake is typically designed with initial illustrations, a quote, or sweet words that represent a couple.


4. Red Velvet Wedding Cakes

Red Velvet Wedding Cakes

This Red Velvet Wedding Cake is known to be a simple and sure way of keeping all your guests full and happy. Well, it is very rare to meet someone who doesn’t love a slice of delicious red velvet cake. It pairs a moist, velvety texture with chocolate or cream cheese frosting.


5. One-tier Wedding Cakes

One-tier Wedding Cakes

With lots of wedding cake trends around, this one-tier wedding cake is one of the best that is underrated. However, more and more couples are opting for unfussy and laid-back weddings. That’s why this cake design is sure a bomb for 2019 weddings.

There are actually lots of wedding cake designs you can search and try on. From classic, rustic, to the most beautiful and inspirational wedding cakes, name it. We all know that these mouthwatering cakes are mainly dedicated to every baker designed with a passion for every wedding event. Well, we don’t want you to ruin this special day for every couple who will be having their vows that’s why Baker’s Dozen picked the 5 wedding cake designs you can offer for your lovely customers.

With the pressure that lies on your shoulder as a baker, know that you can make these wedding cakes extra fun and smooth through the use of quality baking products from Baker’s Dozen. We have a wide range of baking products for you to choose from.

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