Shape It Up: Celebrating with Fun in National Cookie Cutter Week

Cookies are an all-time favorite baked goodie, especially for kids. Yet, nothing is impossible with this delectable treat. Why? As we enjoy every sweet cookie's life, we also celebrate the mother, the creator of this tasty baked delight -- the Cookie Cutter. So, better say "Happy National Cookie Cutter Week!" on this significant feast.

The Origin of the National Cookie Cutter Week

Origin of National Cookie Cutter Day

Cookie cutters played a sole role in creating mouth-watering cookies. Whether it is chocolate chip, red velvet, or Christmas cookie, there is no doubt that its well-defined shapes come in this molding cutters. Thus, this fantastic baking tool festivity is honored every first week of December yearly. 

But how did the glorious holiday started? It began in the mid-1990s by Paula Mullins. Supposedly, it started for the Cookie Cutter Collector's Club members. Paula registered and designed the cutter at this festival each year. However, Lyn Linder took it over around 2007 when Mullins stepped down and decided to no longer do it. Next, Ron Cunnighan replaced Linder as the Cutter Week chairman.

4 Types of Cookie Cutters

Cookies may not be possibly made without its cutters. It may vary in various shapes and sizes. Still, of course, we should know its types to have an effective cookie design. So, here are the 4 basic types of cookie cutters that you must have on your baking collection.

  1. Cutouts

Cutouts Cookie Cutter

Cutouts are usually made out of copper, tin, stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic. It is the simplest cookie-cutter as it only cuts out the shape of the dough. 


2. Detail Imprint

Detail Imprints Cookie Cutter

Detail Imprints are ordinarily made out of copper and tin or plastic. It not only cut the dough out but also leaves an imprinted mark in the dough while baking. 


3. Cookie Molds

Cookie Molds Cutter

Cookie molds are typically made out of wood, ceramic, or plastic. And one of the oldest cookie molds is the Springerle molds traced back since the 14th century. 


4. Cookie Press

Cookie Press Cutter

Cookie Presses are automated, or hand-operated presses used to make large batches of cookies faster than any other cookie cutters.

How To Celebrate

What's the best way to celebrate it? Well, better, not worry. Because here are some ways to help you commemorate a wonderful holiday.

  • Bake Cookies
  • Bake Cookies

    Bake all you want while you can! Drive yourself in this one of a kind day. 

  • Have a Cookie Exchange Party
  • Have a Cookie Exchange Party

    Cookie exchange parties are fun and exciting. All you have to do is to invite some guests and ask them to bring a bunch of cookies. During the said party, each of the participants is entitled to eat and sample the cookies, exchange baking recipes, and divide the leftovers to the rest. 

  • Host a Cookie Eating Contest
  • Host a Cookie Eating Contest

    Celebrate life by hosting a cookie eating contest.

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