No-Bake Cake: Let Baker's Dozen Help You!

Who says you need an oven to bake your favorite pastries? Guess what? No worries. Because here are the most awaited delectable delights that you won’t miss – No-Bake Cakes.

No-bake cakes are the best sweet treats that do not require heat. These can be done with less effort and convenient ingredients. It usually takes minutes to finish one whole recipe. Baking will be so much fun when you try to experiments these recipes that will surely suit your palate.

Better be ready to put down your baking manuals because here are the most awaited no-bake cake recipes that will make your days satisfyingly wonderful.

Maltesers Cheesecake

This common no-bake cheesecake recipe comes with every generation’s favorite chocolate – Maltesers. Who would not love this mouthwatering recipe with a malevolently crispy treat with pounded Maltesers with its base and cream filling? This exquisite cheesecake recipe is perfect for all sorts of occasions. You'll surely never miss a chance to have a chocolatey experience.

This can be served for about 6-8 people as a pudding after a great meal. This needs a little time to create and let it cool in the fridge. This may be best served and eaten on the same day. Thus, make sure not to have leftovers, ok?

Rocky Road

It is good to know that Rocky Road doesn’t require baking. This would be an exciting moment for kids to explore the wonders of baking without an oven. This recipe comes with melted chocolate poured above your favorite treats. Simple, isn’t it?  In addition, it also comes with seven ingredients which include chocolates and biscuits available in your kitchen.

It is easy to make within 45 minutes.  Two hours is enough to set before serving.

This scrumptious no-bake cake recipe uses chocolates, marshmallows and ginger biscuits. But these ingredients depend on your taste. You can also include an extra sugary content for the kids could enjoy eating.

This recipe usually makes 16 rocky road bars which are worth your time and effort. It is an excellent gift for your loved ones, wrapped with cellophane sheets and tied with colorful ribbons.

No-Bake Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes

Satisfy your cravings with this great cupcake recipe. This is made up of Madeira cake, raspberries, and cream cheese. These palatable cupcakes are easy to do and become a luscious afternoon delight. This recipe usually makes at least eight cupcakes.

Chocolate, Raspberry and Vanilla Ice Box Cake

Have a refreshing day by creating this delectable icebox cake. This recipe is a perfect summer treat must-have. This comes with three essential ingredients: ice cream, sponge fingers, and chocolate bits. This spectacular cake is surrounded by sponge fingers and filled with oozing three ice cream flavors --- chocolate, raspberry, and vanilla. This can be prepared for only 30 minutes.

Mini Oreo Cheesecake

This cheesecake recipe comes with a quintessential American biscuit base. Everyone will surely love eating this favorite chocolate biscuit. The taste is even better because it comes its way to a whole new level. This recipe usually serves 12 people.

Lemon Cheesecake

Start your days brighter with this zesty lemon cheesecake. This is an invigorating lemon dessert. It works with the wonders of the lemon filling. It is also comprised of lemon curd that gives an extra tangy taste. This can be stored on a fridge after making one. This usually serves 12 people with at least 522 calories per serving.

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