How To Make A Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting

A cake ain't complete without a tasty frosting that melts in your mouth as soon as you take a spoonful. Who doesn't love biting into a cake frosted with some vanilla butter cream, right? 

Vanilla butter cream is one of our favorites and we really love how it completes the icing on the cake, so to speak. It is not too bland but not too overpowering either - it sits just about right! And for us, the perfect frosting shouldn't be too chunky nor bumpy.  It has to be smooth, but too sweet, and it should complement the taste of your cake layers.

So, what are we waiting for? Here is our simple-to-follow recipe for that tasty vanilla butter cream!

Supplies Needed 

  • Butter cream icing 
  • 300 grams Powdered sugar 
  • 200 grams softened butter 
  • 1-2 tablespoons of milk
  • Lemon zest (optional)
  • Orange zest (optional)
  • Vanilla extract 
  • Food colouring  (optional)
  • Cocoa powder (optional)
  • Medium Bowl
  • Electric Mixer


1. On a medium bowl, mix your powdered sugar along with your butter. You can do it old-fashioned way manually with a spoon or a hand-mixer, but having an electric mixer will surely make your job easier.

If you need a mixing bowl, here is our recommended set that you would surely love!

2. Add your vanilla and into the mix as soon as you feel your mix getting softer and "foamy" in texture. Make sure that you don't feel any solid parts on your mix - it should be smooth in texture without bumps.



3. Slowly add your milk into the mix to make your frosting soft, smooth and spreadable. Depending on your preferences, add some more milk if you feel like your frosting is still too thick for your liking. 

That's it! Now you can put this vanilla butter cream frosting on your cakes or cupcakes to add that missing mojo on your creations. Voila! 

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