Easy-Peasy and Creepy: 7 Death-defyingly Delicious Halloween Baked Treats

Spooky, dark, and evil -- These are the most tremendous words that best describe Halloween. As this scariest day comes, it takes a lot of work to do. But we’ve got you covered with extra help for your creepy party. -- Halloween Baked Treats.

These luscious delights give you magnetic and mind-blowing ideas of this frightening event. Face your fears as we give you such hair-raising desserts that for sure you’ll keep wanting more (hahaha).

So, hop in and enjoy these 5 death-defyingly delicious Halloween baked treats with us!

5 Delicious Halloween Baked Treats

1. Blood Splattered Petit-Fours with Sugar Shattered Glass

Image Courtesy of Brit.Co

How awful it is to think of a bloody hell-terrific dessert to eat? How scary it is, right? But keep your imagination stay as it is with this Blood Splattered Petit-Fours with Sugar Glass. This petrifying pastry is made of pound cake base bits topped with sugar glass-like shards. You would surely think of it as freshly stabbed flesh. Yikes!

2. Spider web designed Cheesecake

Image Courtesy of Epicurean Mom

Halloween is right around the corner. And it is the perfect time to bake an eerie but delectable cake like this Spider web - Inspired Cheesecake. This cheesecake is made up of cream cheese, chocolate wafers, and chopped chocolate. These ingredients complement two flavors in one ominous cake. Add up some spiderweb ganache design and an ordinary spider display for a real-life freaky experience.

3. Chilling Pastry Snakes

Image Courtesy of BBC Good Food

Serve these chilling Pastry Snakes on a Halloween party or as a blood-curdling food for kids. It a simple baked goodie coated with seeds making it more realistic.

4. Eerie Eyeball Pops

Image Courtesy of BBC Good Food

Odd eyes can’t like with these shocking Eyeball Cake Pops. These cake balls are made of a soft, chewy base with lavishly menacing eyeball design that gives a spine-chilling food to eat.

5. Freaky Finger Red Velvet Cake

Image Courtesy of BBC Good Food

Have a taste of nightmarish finger treat with this Freaky Finger Red Velvet Cake. This finger-designed red velvet cake is made of typical red velvet ingredients with white chocolate fingers and red food color for an absobloodylutely sinister cake. 

Have a fantastic Halloween with baked desserts that will make you ask for more. Make the best out of it with great bakewares. Choose the best partners that you can trust in this once in a year event -- Baker’s Dozen. Celebrate more with us. Visit our website for more fun-filled moments with us today!


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