7 Things to Consider in Establishing your Baking Business

Are you planning to establish a business? The best way to be successful in venturing into a business is to enter the foodservice industry- bakeries in specific.

Bakeries are famous for their kind of food services. Moreover, people with non-culinary experiences may enter in this field too so doing a startup is no problem. Opening a bakery may be quite challenging for it entails huge differences from other businesses.

As you further read this, we are here to introduce you the process of opening and establishing your own bakery business. Here are the things to consider in establishing your baking business:


1. Create a Business Plan

bakery business plan

The first thing to consider in establishing a baking business is to create your desired business plan. A business plan is essential in starting your new business. A well-organized concept will show you the entire business structure, products, marketing strategies, and financial calculation. This may also help you further build and strengthen the foundation of your bakery business. Thus, it can help you to know how to raise funds and calculate expected expenses.


2. Secure for Capital or budget plans

budget plan

Establishing a bakery business needs a large amount of capital. Of course, you have to look after the place, insurance, equipment, staff, ingredient stocks, and utilities that must need to include in your budget plan. Therefore, you need to secure at least enough or more amount of capital. Through this, you will ensure that you have a budget to make the bakery operates months after its opening.


3. Renting a Commercial Space and Designing a Layout

bakery commercial space

After the budget is well-planned, you will need to rent or build commercial space. This will depend on how big or small the bakery you want. For example, if you would like to create a mobile bakery, you need to invest in a food truck or van. Or you can look for some spaces in a commercial building.


Furthermore, several factors can help you search for the place suited for your bakery. These factors are demographics, accessibility, proximity to suppliers, competition, size and space, health policies and zoning, and safety and crime rates.


Afterward, you can already design a layout for your area. Once you are done with these, you may proceed to the next step.


4. Permits and Licenses

permit and licenses

Every business is required to have their permits and licenses regulated from states and other levels. These vary depending on the location. So, better be assured with the rules and regulations in your premises before building your new business.


5. Searching for Baking Equipments and Suppliers

high quality baking products

It is essential to search and buy high-quality baking equipment and suppliers. First, choosing the best baking equipment to bake sweet treats. Next is to look for the right suppliers for your food stocks or inventory.


6. Hiring Staff Members

bakery staff

Hiring a staff member is one of the keys to establishing a bakery. A usual bakery consists of 2 to 3 members. The count varies on the size and the needs of your bakery workforce.


7. Marketing and Advertising Strategies

marketing strategies

Lastly is the marketing and advertising strategies. This is necessary to have a successful business. This is how you will create a buzz to let customers enter and buy products. Only you have to do is to know your target audience, and create a feasibility and marketing study that can enhance your campaigns.


Start your business by following these tips and have your bakery business a bang! Be the outstanding baker entrepreneur that you want to be. Build an enterprise that can stand out from the rest. We, at Baker’s Dozen, are very happy to help and guide you in your bakery business venture!

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