7 Sweet but Healthy: Dessert Foods you Can Try On

Most people seek for a sugar saccharine taste to satisfy their sweet tooth or reduce the “fed-up” feeling after a meal. Unfortunately, most desserts which fill our sweet tooth do not relate to a healthy meal.  All of these snacks contain high levels of sugar (uh-oh!), so we seek desserts with beneficial low-sugar options such as strawberries and grapes or with additional fiber or protein.

Here are some sugary, but healthy dessert foods you can indulge to satisfy your sweet cravings:

Lemony Yogurt Pound Cake

A buttery and tender pound cake loaded with lemon flavor will make every person swoon with its zesty flavor. The heart-healthy olive oil and protein-rich Greek yogurt serve as a substitute for the usual butter for cakes. The whole-wheat flour boosts fiber, while the low-fat and cholesterol-free egg whites also reduce the calorie count and fat of the dessert.

Healthy Peanut Butter Fudge

If you are looking for a dessert that you don't want to feel guilty about, this healthy peanut butter fudge is your answer. This dessert is made naturally of dairy-free and gluten-free ingredients. This is a healthy dessert that you can keep in your freezer when your sweet tooth strikes. Thus, its recipe is simple and wholesome that you will no longer need fancy techniques to make this recipe. Plain and simple, but definitely a delicious and healthy fudge that the family can enjoy.

No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

This creamy, crunchy, smooth and crispy decadent dessert bars packed with natural peanut butter, chocolatey cookie crust and Greek yogurt can satisfy your cravings in several bites without compromising your calorie intake. No baking is necessary for making these chocolate bars - only refrigeration.

Frozen Yogurt Dots

The fresh fruit and Greek yogurt ingredients brought the zesty and tangy flavor of the tiny and bite-sized frozen yogurt dots. Ten servings of this sweet treat only contain 50 calories and 3 grams of sugar which makes it the absolute low-calorie and low-sugar dessert for your next meal.

Healthier Strawberry Shortcake

If you are more inclined to carbohydrates, you should definitely try this classic carb-loaded strawberry shortcake made healthier. It is made of coconut milk instead of heavy cream. whole grain flour, and a natural sweetener. For vegans, use maple syrup instead of honey or top it with coconut whipped cream and berries.

Greek Yogurt Cranberry Orange Pound Cake

Loaded with festive cranberries and sunshine fruity flavors, this tender pound cake only contains 131 calories per serving. For a healthier version, use white whole wheat flour, coconut oil (or butter), egg whites, greek yogurt, and vanilla stevia as a sweetener. There is no decorative frosting and icing required, and you can sneak on a second slice without feeling any guilt.

Avocado Chocolate Mousse with Fruit

This creamy, chocolatey mousse equipped with avocado will be your favorite seasonal dessert. You can cut your avocado with a substantial amount of unsweetened coconut whipped cream topped with a variety of summer fruits.

Each of us probably has their sweet tooth strikes but too conscious for our overall health. A great thing, there are sweet dessert recipes you can enjoy without having the guilty feeling while eating your favorite sweets. Glad that behind these sweet but healthy recipes, Baker’s Dozen can equip you with the finest and quality bakeware products. Know that in just a visit to our site, great baking collections can help you to be ahead and prepared for your every baking experience.

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