2019 Cake Designs to Boost out your Cake Business

Who wouldn’t want the best cake for their business? The year 2019 continues to surprise us with a BIG BANG full of sweet treats! These yearly trends are making on the way that every people would love to achieve, especially bakers.

Preparing wonderful treats that every customer would love is the top priority of every baker. Baker entrepreneurs are eager to search on different cake designs they can try on for their baking business.

People would love to eat delicious pastries with marvelous decorations. Hence, such alluring designs can make cakes appealing to the eyes of customers. And guess what? What is more enticing to know is that you can bake delightful cakes with beautiful designs and styles. With this, you can now achieve majestic cake designs that can help you boost your cake business.

So, here are the best of 2019 cake designs:


Abstract Buttercream

Abstract Buttercream



This cake style is one of the astounding cake design trends of 2019. Indulge in satisfaction while administering flaws in abstracting colored buttercreams. It is efficacious and looks tasty. To make a perfect design is to use a palette knife and various buttercreams to look creative.




Hand-Painted Text & Illustration

Hand-Painted Text & Illustrations





Hand-painted texts and illustrations are one of the major design trends this year. Cake artists can show create freestyle decorations. There are many possibilities in being creative. You can use edible paint and a brush instead of using pipes. Or better yet, prep up your edible marker to create customized and unique cakes.





geometric cake


Geometric patterns and styles are making on its way in 2019. Different geometric designs look good on every occasion. It has a minimalistic, edgy style that gives make it more eye-catching to eat.






boho themed cake



If you want something chic and classy, better try this Boho style! It is one of the top choices for every celebration. These cakes are indeed a work of art. Dreamcatchers, feathers, foliage, and vibrant palettes are expected to see in this great delicacy. Match it up with textured buttercream or sponge cake.




Ferns, Leaves, and Herbs

Ferns, Leaves, and Herbs cake



Traditional flower designs are out as these greens give immense beauty to cakes. Make it more exotic with a bunch of greenery such as ferns, eucalyptus sprigs, and herbs. This recipe can be perfect when matched with buttercream. Also, it is used to add attractiveness to fondant cakes.




Cake Pops

Cake Pops 


Cake pops are one of the best cakes to serve. These cakes on a stick can be found on mostly on wedding buffet tables this year.  This small-size cakes can be a great gift and dessert for guests. Too much bite-size cakes will make people ask for more.




Moroccan Prints

Moroccan Prints cake



Relive every moment with this elegant Moroccan architecture tile prints. Combine neutral colors with bold colors and styles. This muffin recipe is indeed a delicious and heavenly treat!





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