14 Valentine's Day Desserts: Best Recipes for the Day of Love

What comes into your mind when it’s February 14? Couples will have a romantic date in a luxurious restaurant. While others, will try to buy flowers and chocolates and give it to their loved ones. But what is important is to show your love and affection by simply making something unique and special – making confectionery desserts.

As they say. “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” And this goes vice versa. Giving such a sweet treat will be appreciated by those people you truly love and admire. Putting so much effort by making goodies will surely melt their tender hearts and make them say “I Love You.”

Without further ado, here are the 14 Valentine’s Day Desserts.

  • Cherry Cheesecake
  •           Make your lovely day as bright as red with this appetizing Cherry Cheesecake. This wonderful delicacy is an abundant tart with a biscuit base and a luscious filling combination of cream cheese, cream, sugar, and sultanas. This is such a hit because it is periodically partnered with a sweet cherry on top.

  • Chocolate Truffle Cookies
  •           It is a nearly amusing how compelling these Chocolate Truffle Cookies are. These tasty, lavish, chewy cookies come with 3 different types of chocolates. This luscious cookie version of the classic Chocolate Truffle easily melts in your mouth.

  • Strawberry Cream Roll
  •          This Strawberry Cream Roll Cake is must-have! It is a refreshing cake for all season, especially this Hearts Season. It is a vanilla sponge cake filled with strawberry jam and vanilla cream cheese frosting. Serving it with fresh strawberries makes it a wonderful dessert for your special someone.

  • Chocolate Lava Cake
  •          Who wouldn’t want a chocolatey experience with this magnificent Chocolate Lava Cake? This extravagant chocolate dessert is made up of a small chocolate cake with a munchy and mellow filling. It is usually served hot with vanilla ice cream on a plate.

  • Sugar Cookie
  •           Who wouldn’t want a mouthwatering Sugar Cookie to eat? Hands down because this cookie will make you ask for more. It is made up of sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, baking powder, and baking soda. These come in various shapes and designs. It is basically decorated with sugar, icing, and sprinkles.

  • Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops
  •           Are you craving sweets? If yes, then these squishy Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops fits you! Marshmallows and chocolates are a great combination. Make it more eye-catching with cute, colorful lollipop sticks and ribbons. You definitely beg for more.

  • Red Hot Velvet Brownies
  •           These Red Hot Velvet Brownies will spice up your intimate night. These cinnamon red velvet bars taste like red-hot chewy candies with a delectable cream cheese frosting on top. Try this out now!

  • Candy-Box  Caramels
  •           These salty Candy-Box Caramels will make your day so special. Make sugary caramels in squares for a total Valentine treat. It is more delightful to eat by dipping it in dark or white chocolate, sprinkled with grated nuts and mini candies on top.

  • Fudge Brownie Hearts
  •           These Fudge Brownie Hearts is combined with a bittersweet and chocolate-ty taste. It also comes with butter, eggs, and sugar. Cut it using heart-shaped cookie cutters. It is more exciting to eat when drizzled with saccharine vanilla glaze.

  • Cocoa and Brown Butter Shortbread Bites
  •           Indulge by making a prestige Cocoa and Brown Butter Shortbread Bites. These nutty, four-ingredient cookie bites are very alluring. Soak it in a glossy chocolate dip for satisfaction.

  • Salted Almond Truffle Tart
  •           The Salted Almond Truffle tart comes with a rich, roasted salted almond crust, chocolate butter filling, and flaky sea salt on top. These salty extensions balance its sweetness.

  • Cake Bites
  •          These Cake Bites are tiny, candy-size cakes with a candy coating. Personalize these magnificent treats with flavorful toppings and flavors.

  • White Chocolate-Cherry Shortbread
  •           Dip these cherry shortbreads in melted white chocolate rolled in nonpareils and edible glitter designs for a great Valentine design.

  • Vanilla Pudding with Chocolate Chip Cookie Brittle
  •           These old-fashioned cookies can be a bomb when added with a twist. Make this vanilla pudding more pleasing to eat by adding crispy, buttery chocolate chip bits.

    Make savory desserts this Valentine’s Day with full of labor of love and intimacy. Use premium quality baking tools to create scrumptious delights. Hurry and make your days wonderful with Baker’s Dozen.

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